split of a message/conversation window

Karol Szkudlarek karol at mikronika.com.pl
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Thank you for explanation. I read the mentioned posts.


Preferences->Conversations->Minimum input area height in lines.

I can find it that option in my pidgin. I am using 2.4.1. 
Please tell me is it option of a newer version of pidgin?!

2) About autoresizing text input I think that idea of abandon
manual resizing were at least controversial and 
(private for me annoying but I can change my habbit)
I think that users similar to me (which autoresizing dislike)
deserve for official explanation from pidgin developers in pidgins FAQ 
for example: why bar for manual resizing text-inputs are funny blocked.

Of course I think there is no option to again looking for arguments for and against manual or
autoresizing feature because the same arguments may have each part. 

3) and question: can I disable history notification and enable old menutray icon? :-)
This is another big change. This icon was very good for me. :-))

Regards and thanks for help,
Karol Szkudlarek

Casey Harkins pisze:
> On Mon, 2008-08-25 at 10:59 +0200, Karol Szkudlarek wrote:
>> Hello!
>> How can I change size of panel where I'm writing a message in 
>> message/conversation window.
>> The panel of all conversation contains 80% of a window. This window 
>> hasn't a horizontal
>> split line which naturally can change size of both panels: message panel 
>> and conversation
>> panel. I attached a screenshot for explantation.
>> Regards,
> The short answer is that you can no longer click-and-drag to resize the
> two text areas. The input area will automatically resize if you type a
> longer message. You can also specify a minimum size under
> Preferences->Conversations->Minimum input area height in lines.
> You can also read about some of the reasoning behind the change in the
> following blog posts:
> http://theflamingbanker.blogspot.com/2008/03/cost-of-progress-and-options.html
> http://pidgin.im/~elb/cgi-bin/pyblosxom.cgi/giving_back.html
> Or dig back through the mailing list archives where it was discussed in
> numerous threads, particularly in March:
> http://pidgin.im/pipermail/support/2008-March/thread.html
> -casey

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