Where does Pidgin put its files?

Niklas Bolmdahl niklas.bolmdahl at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 06:18:04 EST 2008

I've tried to search the web, the FAQ and this list to find out where
Pidgin puts its files, but it seems I can't find the information I
I installed Pidgin on Ubuntu 7.04 from source about 4 months ago and I
made a tiny mistake. I didn't check the install into apt with
checkinstall, nor did I keep the finished tree. Now I want to upgrade
Pidgin (and make some alterations to the install).
According to what I've been able to find out from google, my only
option is to find all the Pidgin (and Finch) files and remove them
manually prior to installing the new version (that and to be a tad
smarter next time around). If there's a better way, then I'm all ears.
The problem with removing all the files is that I don't know where
they all are. So... where does Pidgin put all its files?

so far I've found:


have I missed anything?

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