Away Message?

Markus Bergholz markuman at
Tue Jun 24 09:45:49 EDT 2008

but anyhow it is possible.
my girlfriend use windows and qip as messanger - and qip can say who has  
read at what time you away message. (your away message i mean your own!)


On Tue, 24 Jun 2008 16:45:00 +0200, Phil Hannent <phil at>  

> Markus Bergholz wrote:
>> Is there a plugin which can see who is reading or who has read my away
>> message?
> I am going to hazard a no at that.  How would you measure that?  Your
> status is displayed in the buddy list and on any conversation its not
> something which someone is acting on.  Also how is it possible to
> display that back to you?  As a log:
> 17:15 Phil looked at his buddy list and saw you were away.
> 17:24 Julie looked at her buddy list and saw you were away?
> 17:56 Mike looked at the conversation window and saw you were away?
> Plus I have been know to open my buddy list by accident would that class
> as knowing your status?
> Not really useful or am I missing something?
> Regards
> Phil Hannent

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