problem connecting

Mitch uesjd at
Tue May 20 21:12:02 EDT 2008

I'm using Windows XP, SP2. 

And yes, I am using 2.4.2.  

It's very peculiar. I doubt it's the ISP, because Trillian works on Windows, Adium works on my MacBook, and I even tried Miranda IM on the Windows PC and that works, too.

Maybe a clean reinstall of Pidgin would help.  (Fingers crossed.)


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Hmm...  Well, it is always possible that something has happened with
Your installation or that Your ISP is doing something. :-\  FWIW, have
You 'Upgraded' to 2.4.2 yet?

Also, what O/S are You using?  It appears as though You are composing
from Yahoo's Webmail screen.

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