Phil Hannent phil at
Mon Sep 15 10:48:30 EDT 2008

Mark wrote:
> My question is:  Will webcam ever be a part of any future versions of
> Pidgin.  Currently in my task bar is Pidgin and Skype.  Pidgin handles
> all the IM's, but I use Skype for the webcam feature (so my Mom can see
> her Grandson).  I was just wondering, and hoping, if Pidgin will ever
> use the webcam feature from some of the IM's or maybe even incorporate
> Skype down the road.  Thanks much for you time and thank you again for
> such an awesome program!

The video and voice for XMPP/Jabber has been a Google summer of code project
this year, you can read more about it here:

Phil Hannent

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