Logging back to beginning of conversation

Evan Platt evan at espphotography.com
Sat Sep 20 18:20:58 EDT 2008

OKB (not okblacke) wrote:
>     Hi.  I'm using Pidgin.  When I hit "Enable logging" in an IM convo,
> it begins logging from that point.  What I'd like is for it to log all
> of the conversation up to that point, and continue logging from that
> point on.  (That is, I want to be able to log the entire conversation by
> enabling logging at any point during it.)  How can I do this?
> Thanks,
I don't believe you can. You COULD copy the part of the conversation 
that already occured and paste it manually into the logfile. But you're 
asking how to go back in time. :)

(There may be a hidden way, but none that I know).


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