Use libpurple.dll in windows development.

Phil Hannent phil at
Fri Jan 2 05:55:15 EST 2009

tigranmt at wrote:
> Yes, I guess it's not the best choice in this case the Windows Vista platform 
> :) 
> Unfortunately the last 5 years I was completely out of the web development
> (only desktop  and framework development stuff), that is the reason that I
> would like  to spend my free time on web development that grow incredibly
> fast in these years. So what you will suggest in this case like the a
> platform ? 
> BSD or  Linux ? Java or Python ?   Or something else...  I know there are so
> many ways, but just suggest from your point of view what is more suitable by
> your opinion. 
The platform is not your biggest problem.  Your understanding of the library you
are trying to use is.

If you understood the libpurple you would know that your request is a large
undertaking.  For example meebo is a company that employs a fair number of
developers which are working full time on the task of creating a libpurple web

If you only know windows and the .NET platform I would suggest that you try
learning about how to get dll's working in .NET the MSDN and google should be
your best port of call.

The Pidgin support list is really NOT the place to get help with this kind of
development.  Also since none of the developers have answered your queries I
would suggest that none of them are interested.

Phil Hannent

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