Pidgin Mail Backup and Restore: What Settings Files to Back up?

Michael Lee only4ng at
Sat Jan 31 19:31:01 EST 2009

I plan to install Pidgin and restore my current settings on an
entirely new Windows XP system. Could someone kindly advise what
setting files I should back up for that purpose?

If there is reliable backup/restore tool for Pidgin, I would surely
love to try it out. Nevertheless I'd still like to know what the
specific setting files are and where they are located under Windows
XP. I'd prefer going through all those directories and registries to
get things done right, manually if necessary.

As for restoring settings, I'd think that copy and overwrite in
respective directories would be sufficient. If there are specific
procedures I should follow, by all means please comment.

Thanks for advising!

- Pidgin 2.5.2
- Windows XP Pro SP2

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