Pidgin PPA

Jason Steenstra-Pickens jason.steenstrapickens at
Mon Aug 9 23:27:54 EDT 2010

  Ended up being a looser error. I had forgotten that the Me Menu keeps 
Pidgin running. Ending the process and restarting Pidgin solved the problem.

On 10/08/10 15:04, Daniel Atallah wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 22:36, Jason Steenstra-Pickens
> <jason.steenstrapickens at>  wrote:
>>   Hi Daniel,
>> I have never built Pidgin from source as it came with my distribution
>> (Ubuntu 9.10 upgraded to 10.04). I checked /usr/local anyway and there was
>> nothing in there to do with Pidgin.
>> Executing:
>> $ which pidgin
>> /usr/bin/pidgin
>> Which has not been modified since 02 Jun 2010
>> Any more ideas?
> Please reply to the list and not to me directly.
> Have you added the Pidgin PPA to your package manager (see
> If not, you will need to to get
> anything newer than what ubuntu shipped your distro with.
> Are you sure that you have actually restarted pidgin since doing the
> update (if it is already running, re-launching it will just bring up
> the existing instance (the old version))?
> What does `pidgin --version` say?
> If that doesn't say you have the latest in the PPA (2.7.1), what does
> `dpkg -s pidgin` say?
> -D

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