Installation package downloads further software

V S Rawat vsrawat at
Tue Aug 17 22:38:03 EDT 2010

I recently updated my old pidgin to latest release.

After I downloaded the package, and ran the install, it went to site 
to download first gtk (probably) and then another package.

I was already having a running pidgin, so I guess these sub-packages 
must already be in my installation and pidgin should use them instead 
of downloading them afresh, if there is no change in those packages, 
or even if there is change, it should give me option whether I want to 
work with old packages instead of downloading new ones (on the basis 
of time I have or my net recharge avlbl).

when I cancelled download of those two sub packages, installer did 
finish the job, but on running, it said such and such software not 
found and didn't work.

so I had to download some 25 MB fully offline installer package 
(having those two sub packages) afresh and installed that. it worked, 
but I feel my previous efforts in downloading that partial package got 

Please give it a thought. Make do with only those packages that you 
have made us download, no point having some software downloaded, and 
then the installed downloading yet another software when run.


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