Problem: Users hang around in chat room like ghosts

Stefani Whelan swhelan at
Fri Aug 20 11:06:20 EDT 2010

Maybe I'm using it wrong, but I created a chat room for my dev group.


I clicked Join Chat - Typed the word "dev" into Room, and clicked Join. I
"Invite"d the other dev members to join.


That worked fine until the next day. Our procedures call for us to shut down
our PCs every night. The next day I clicked Join Chat, Room List, Find Room
and was back on.


But when the chat room came up, it showed one of the other users as still
being in the room when she wasn't. When she tried to join, she got a


I went online found something that told me how to kick someone out of the
chat room. Did a /kick username and she was able to join.


But the next day, again someone was showing in the room who wasn't there.
When I kicked him off, he was then able to join, but the list of users
showed him being there twice - like a ghost. One shows his name and the
other his email address.


Today it showed both of them, plus the ghost being there. I kick two of them
off, but the ghost is still there.


Does anyone know why we have the ghosts, how I prevent them and how I remove
the persistent one?




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