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Thu Jun 17 11:33:14 EDT 2010


Today a friend gave me a link to pidgin and it's just awesome, finally a non lagging msn and yahoo client with many feutures, but now I have some questions regarding some possible changes.

My first question is, is there a fix for the names of the people who chat there, it only shows "Groupname says:",
 like that I can not indentify the person who is talking, so my question is, is there a fix for this or plugin perhaps?

My next question is if there any possibility to transfer all my emoticons from msn to pidgin so I can still enjoy my old emoticons and such.

My last question, behind everyone's msn or yahoo name there is always this line of text, how am I able to change this with pidgin or show?

I hope I will receive an answer with some possible fixes, thanks in advance.


Yoni, your new Pidgin user.
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