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David Woolley forums at
Tue May 18 16:25:12 EDT 2010

Evan Platt wrote:

> where you put it, people don't read it. Places I worked at that had 
> IVR's would add a "If you are experiencing <such and such> problem, 
> press 3 now." No one pressed 3. When someone then said "I'm getting this 
> problem", we'd subtly ask "Did you hear the option on the phone menu for 
> the solution? It would have saved you ten minutes on hold." and the 

For most people, I think their only concern when dealing with an IVR 
system is to get through to human able to deal with their problem with 
the least effort on their part.  Many would probably let it timeout to a 
human if they realised that option existed.

David Woolley
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