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Raphael Hickling mrhickling at
Tue Sep 7 11:40:18 EDT 2010


My name is Ralph Hickling and I am doing research on various IM tools
to integrate into my site and I came across your site. Currently I am
in the process of creating my website(which I am keeping in low
profile) and will need a reliable company to assist with the messaging
portion of my site. If you dont mind I would like to ask a few
questions. But before I do, I want to give a small background about my
website. My site is being programmed in ruby on rails and will be
hosted on My site will have a one to many relationship
with my users, where users will interact with only one screen name per
messaging tool(aim,msn,gchat). So each user will have unique responses
and I rarely will send mass messages. Ok so here are my questions:

1. Is Pidgin the tool that can help me?
2. Is there a limit on how many characters can send/receive?
3. Is there a limit on how many friends I(my usernames) can have for
each Messaging tool?
4. Do you work with blackberry messenger?
5. Can your API work with Ruby on Rails?
6. Does the SMS and/or IM tools have reserved words I should be aware of?

I look forward into hearing back to you.

Thanks in advance,
Ralph Hickling

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