Deleted saved status reappears

Ken Watson (kwatson) kwatson at
Fri Jan 28 14:33:11 EST 2011

I have tried and tried to fix this, but nothing works.  I've seen the
older posts about it that say it was a bug that was fixed, but I still
have the problem.  Several years ago I created a custom saved status for
use when idle.  Now I don't want that to appear, but want the vanilla
"Away" message to appear.


-          First, mousing over the saved status and hitting delete does
remove it.  But it comes back after a few minutes.

-          Next, I tried that again, closing Pidgin and then restarting
it.  The deleted saved status came back after a few minutes.

-          Then, I closed Pidgin, went to ~/.purple and deleted the
saved status from the status.xml file (from <status to </status>), and
restarted Pidgin.  The deleted status came back after a few minutes.


Is the saved status stored on a server somewhere?


Using Linux Mint 10, Pidgin 2.7.3, XMPP (jabber) account.

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