Pidgin(AIM): "GET INFO" function question

ladeda dadela italix at
Mon Jun 13 17:36:56 EDT 2011

does anyone know how to change or hide one's "member since:" info. this info
is displayed when using the "Get info" function
i tried accounts> "username" > set user info, but there is no section where
that information can be edited or made private
i am currently using pidgin v 2.8.0, AIM(OSCAR) protocol

some screen names display the "member since:" info and others do not (i am
not sure what this is dependent upon, but it is not dependent on what client
the user is using)
the "MEMBER SINCE:" information is also not accurate! (one of my screen
names is registered before I was born!!)

I tried toggling the privacy functions through Pidgin and also through AIM
alone (using the AOL provided program). I have found no section where the
"Member Since:" information can be edited or hidden.

Please respond if you have any knowledge of how the "Get Info" Function
works, what it's results are dependent upon, etc.  Also if you have any
knowledge of how to edit or hide the displayed information.

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