How do I log into 5 chat profiles at one time?

Michael Watts miketheaffiliatemanager at
Tue Jun 21 22:04:59 EDT 2011

 My name is Mike and I was referred to Pidgin because of this program's ability to be logged into numerous chat profiles at one time.
 I clicked on "Accounts" in the "Buddy List" pop up window and selected my account. I selected "Activate ID" from the next pop up window. 
 I clicked the "down" arrow in the "Activate which ID?" box. All 5 Yahoo Messenger screen names pop up. 
 I want to utilize Pidgin's feature of being able to be logged into numerous chat profiles(in my case 5) at one time using my 5 YM screen  
 When the pop up window says "Activate which ID?", If I manually click "ok" for each screen name will this allow me to be logged into
 these 5 chat profiles at one time?
 If not, then how?
 Thank you.
 Mike Watts
 miketheaffiliatemanager at 
 new pidgin user 
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