pidgin 2.10.3 pci wifi

Ethan Blanton elb at
Thu Nov 1 18:16:11 EDT 2012

klein spake unto us the following wisdom:
> the one part that doesn't make since is the new screen name from aim
> works wifi and the old screen name doesn't work wifi but on the same net
> work if it is connected cat5 it works the question is how does aol know
> if it is being contacted by cat5 or wifi ?  

It doesn't, and this isn't happening.  As best I could tell from your
statement, *two years ago* it worked cat 5, and today it doesn't work
wifi, and now you think wifi is related?

Try it both cat 5 and wifi *on the same network* today, and I suspect
they will either work or not work in tandem.  If your wifi and cat 5
networks are materially different (different firewalls, etc.) then
that may be related -- but the technology used to carry the packets at
the physical layer is NOT.

I'm rather tired of hearing about it.


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