pidgin 2.10.3 pci wifi

klein klein at
Thu Nov 1 22:21:41 EDT 2012

Tres Finocchiaro 

through your wisdom and guidance i believe i have a better understanding
of what is going on, in my case old aol screen names for some reason
doesn't work with pidgin when texting a cell phone.

my wifes computer dell i3 win7 64bit when she used pidgin to verify her
aol account as you instructed, her cell contacts disappeared from her
list in pidgin when she sings on to aol they are still there though. 

when i verified my old aol screen name it didn't do anything, no box
poped up nothing.

but the new aim screen name work just fine and i'm happy thank you Tres

using pci wifi the fact still remains that in xp pro aim software with
my old screen name works fine and in pidgin same computer weather in
xubuntu or xp pro will not send a text message to a cell phone, and if
the computer is hooked up with cat5 pidgin works fine. 

after 7 or 8 years of using linux, ubuntu 5.04 - 12.04 and open sourse
software i have never ran across a rude person or unhelpful person till
i ran across Ethan.      

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