account locked

Jerry Ford jerry_ford at
Thu Mar 14 15:52:02 EDT 2013

I have a pidgin installation on my laptop at work.  It is set to 
automatically start and log me in when the computer is started up.

The hard drive has failed on that machine.  Over thae past fiew days, 
the computer has been rebooted numerous times by me and by our IT 
department while diagnosing and trying to fix the problem.

Now I have installed pidgin on my home computer and am trying to enable 
the same Yahoo! account that is used by the work laptop.

But pidgin refuses to enable it, with a message that says "Account 
locked.  Too many failed login attempts.  Logging into the Yahoo! 
website may fix this."  It does not. I can log in to Yahoo! and read my 
mail there, but it does not fix the Pidgin problem.

What can I do?

Jerry Ford

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