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On 06/05/14 20:26, David Woolley wrote:

> Maybe Oracle's server doesn't support this.  I think we guess that it is
> an XMPP one, but we don't actually know, and we certainly don't know
> which implementation and how it is configured.

As the best guess would be that you are using Oracle's server and and 
also that that uses XMPP, this reply to another question, on the mailing 
list, is probably relevant:

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Hi Cassandra. Pidgin only sends auto replies on IM protocols that have
historically featured auto replies (and the "auto-reply" preference
only pertains to those IM protocols). Specifically, only AIM and
Zephyr. This is because there's no way to indicate that a message is
an auto-reply on other IM protocols, and they tend to confuse people.

I think the purple plugin pack might include a plugin that adds auto
reply functionality for other protocols. More info at

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