Terrance: Cannot Insert Image

HeroslasherX . heroslasherx at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 15:12:39 EST 2015

Hi, Pidgin Support

I have a problem with inserting images, even file transfer.
I can receive but not send images.
The insert image option is greyed out in the chat box and I click it. It
doesn't do anything The send file is also greyed out in the chat box. Same
result after clicking. The Attention button is also greyed out. Same result
after clicking but I don't even know what it does XD.
This is a problem in every protocol I have which is: whatsapp, skype,
I looked everywhere online trying my best to understand what everyone is
saying in any forums I find and applying possible solutions that I can find
and no luck.
I do not know code but I can understand how to navigate through software.

In summary:
Insert Image - Greyed, Unresponsive
File Transfer - Greyed, Unresponsive
Attention - Greyed, Unresponsive

Above problems of following protocols: Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook

Images recieved in whatsapp
Receiving images for Skype, Facebook unknown

Hope you can help
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