Looking for Help to set an odd browser

Alex Quinlan amqueue at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 01:47:55 EDT 2015

I recently downloaded a new browser (midori) that I would like to have
pidgin use when I click on links. When I go into the browser tab of
the preferences, it offers me, in order, Firefox, Desktop Default,
Opera, Manual. It obviously sees that I have Firefox and Opera
installed, but has not recognized Midori despite a full reboot since I
installed it. Midori showed up in my 'Internet' submenu automatically.
As far as I can find, Midori has no apparent setting to make it be the
default browser, as Firefox and Opera do.

Is there some way to make it see Midori? I did a search in the wiki
but came up with nothing useful for 'browser preference' or
'preferences browser' .  I have no idea what to put into the text box
if I choose 'Manual'.

I didn't subscribe to the list; I'm not sure if this will
auto-subscribe me. I'm running Fedora Core 17.


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