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We need assistance on this asap!

I need someone to reply or call me directly at 213.225.4010

Or email me back here 

Please read below


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Hi Peter S., 


I ran scan and checked the computer, there is nothing wrong with it. I removed the software completely from the computer and installed it again, but still the previous information you guys entered is there. Pidgin support should be able to resolve this.   




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On Thu, 12 Mar at 3:31 pm , Peter S. Yousefi <peter at twinfoldcapital.com> wrote: 

Issue with one of the new computers that was installed recently by Houman a
month or so ago. Johnny Hotoyan computer- ID number 372-194-950- is unable
to launch successfully pidgin program. We emailed pidgin and they worked on
the issue. They said it is a pc issue. Every other computer is able to use
pidgin except Johnny’s. We need to correct this because this is our IM tool.

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with Jabber [ ref:00D306mPe.50080gy8lE:ref ]

Peter Yousefi,

Thank you for contacting Digium Technical Support. Case # 00468940: “A Pc
was unable to login into Pidgen with Jabber” has been submitted to our
support team. You will receive a response as soon as a Digium Support
Technician becomes available.

Be certain to preserve the reference ID which has been appended to the
subject when providing a response to your case. This will allow your
replies to automatically associate with your existing case. The reference
ID begins with “ref:” and ends with “:ref”. If the reference ID is not
preserved, your reply will result in the creation of a new case, delaying
the time it will take for us to provide a resolution.

Thank you,
Digium Technical Support Team
Digium, Inc.


Hello Peter Yousefi,

David Dunning has marked your case 00468940 as resolved.

Below is the problem description:
A pc is having issues using Jabber to login to Pidgin

Below are the resolution details:
User was able to login with users info on another computer

Was your support experience satisfactory? Please let us know by clicking the
link below and completing a brief survey:
https://my.digium.com/en/forms/force <https://my.digium.com/en/forms/force_form.php?formid=242728&tfa_92=500800000> form.php?formid=242728&tfa92=500800000

You can view the details of your case by signing in to our web portal:

Thank you,
David Dunning

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office: +1 256-428-6161
Check us out at: www.digium.com & www.asterisk.org


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