How to chat between two users in ejabberd by using pidgin xmpp server in ubuntu 16.04-reg

David Woolley forums at
Sat May 27 04:58:16 EDT 2017

You seem to be under the misunderstanding that you are writing to a 
contact centre where someone has been paid to support systems that 
include Pidgin.  This is simply a public mailing list of users of Pidgin.

To get support on Pidgin beyond the documentation that comes with it, 
you will need to provide details of a particular problem you have 
encountered, including details of where you got to in the normal 
installation and configuration process and the symptoms of the failure. 
You will need to provide the logs from both Pidgin and ejabberd.

This will not be the best place to get support on ejabberd.  However, 
when you find one, I imagine they will also want specific problems.  I 
would expect most of the specific information about configuring for 
Pidgin will be associated with ejabberd, not with Pidgin.

In any case, urgency will be judged in the context of the responder; 
there is no support contract, so no service level agreement.

On 25/05/17 07:13, khalandar 1602 wrote:
> Hi sir,
>     Could you please explain me how to chat between two users in
> Ejabberd by using Pidgin on Ubuntu 16.04 local machine.
> I had installed Ejabberd in VM virtual box on Ubuntu 14.04 server and i
> had installed Pidgin on Ubuntu 16.04 local machine,
> Can i process the chat by using this?? if yes i kindly request you to
> send me link how to do this process..
>    I had installed and followed the steps as given as website it showing
> error as 1. Not Authorize, 2. SSL Handshake Failed 3.Not connected
> *How to chat between two users in ejabberd by using pidgin xmpp server
> in Ubuntu 16.04.*
> please send me as soon as possible.

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