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Hi Pavel,

Generally SSL/TLS settings are relegated to the 'Advanced' tab when setting
up an account, if they're optional at all.  eg, for XMPP you have a
"Connection security" dropdown with the options "Require encryption"
(that's the default setting) "Use encryption if available" and "Use
old-style SSL"; IRC has a "Use SSL" checkbox.  ICQ/AIM has a similar
"Connection security" dropdown to XMPP with the additional option of "Don't
use encryption".

Facebook will always use SSL connections (you can verify by looking at the
source) so there's no setting for it, ditto for Skype and Hangouts and many
others.  A lot of services won't provide a non-SSL way to talk to them, so
there's no way to be able to disable it within Pidgin.


On 15 September 2017 at 09:26, Pavel Křivák <pavel.krivak at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am wondering about switching from Miranda NG to Pidgin - with all the
> protocols I use (gtalk, skype, facebook, ICQ, XMPP).
> Unfortunately, it seems that Pidgin does not support any security settings
> within these accounts I try to use - there is no SSL settings I can find or
> any other "force encryption" checkboxes. At the same time I cannot believe
> Pidgin could use unencrypted communication, or even sending login/passwords
> this way. It also strikes me it is very hard to find anything on this topic
> on the internet. Do you have any relevant information for me in this
> respect?
> Thank you so much.
> P.
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