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Tue Jul 3 23:31:55 EDT 2018

hi all
I have encountered some problems while using Pidgin+Openfire。

There are two users A and B. Login A with Pidgin, and B with Spark. After set in Account Management:
(1)Basic settings

 Protocol: xmmp
User_name: my_user_name
Domain: my_domain

 (2)Advance settings

Link Security:need to encrypt; 

Link Port:5222; 

Link Server:my_domain; 

File Transfer Porxy:proxy.my_domain;

BOSH URL: empty; 

(3) Proxy settings

Proxy Type:No Proxy(default); 

User B(with Spark) could send file to A(with Pidgin), but when A send file to B, B could get the message receive request, when i click the accept button, i got error:File has an error during transmission。

When i login B with Psi+ w64, B can also get the message receice request , click accetp button, chose dir to save, finally got the error: 

“unable to connect peer for data transfer. 

 Ensure that your Data Transfer settings are proper. If you are behind a NAT router or firewall then you'll    need to open the proper TCP port or specify a Data Transfer proxy in your account settings."

I change Proxy Type in "(3) PROXY settings" from "No Proxy" to “Use global proxy settings”, or change File Transfer Porxy in "(2)Advance settings" from "proxy.my_domain" to “”. It did not work.

Do you have any suggestions, look forwark you reply, best wishes.

pidgin user.
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