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Todd Michael im.todd.michael at
Sat May 19 13:27:07 EDT 2018

The message I'm getting says tbeitner at I click the
Re-enable and the little wheel spins giving me the same notification. If I
go to enable account it does nothing. If I go into manage accounts it shows
tbeitner at XMPP I click the check box and it automatically
unchecks the box. All the passwords and advanced settings and the proxy
have the same exact settings. I don't understand why it isn't working.


On Sat, May 19, 2018 at 1:13 PM, David Woolley <forums at>

> On 19/05/18 18:07, Todd Michael wrote:
>> I am trying to use my Pidgin account on my laptop running windows 10. It
>> is the same operating system as at work. For some reason even with all the
>> same settings I can’t enable my account. Any idea what I can do to fix it ?
> You don't have a Pidgin account.  Pidgin is only a client.  It can be used
> with many different types of account.  To even start attacking the problem,
> we would need to know the type of account.
> If it is a corporate account (do you, by any chance, work for Oracle?) we
> are unlikely to know the specifics of how your employer sets up their
> service.
> As well as the type of service, we would need details of the errors,
> and/or the contents of the debugging log.
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