Notifications Are Not Working - Pidgin 2.13

Mark Whittaker markewhittaker at
Fri Oct 22 16:11:07 EDT 2021

My company uses Pidgin in a Citrix environment.  I recently got  a new laptop running Windows 10 Pro.  My previous laptop was also Windows 10.  Pidgin is not on my laptop but is in our Citrix environment which runs Windows Server 2019.  I am logging into the same CItrix environment with my new laptop as with my old laptop.  With my old laptop in Citrix, the Pidgin sounds worked fine.  But since getting my new laptop, my Pidgin sounds don't work when I receive or send a message.  Other audible messages work in Citrix, such as the notification when I get an email or a meeting invitation, and the sound works when playing videos in Citrix, but Pidgin remains silent.  One strange thing I have noticed is that if I send or receive a Pidgin message at the same time as an email coming in, the Pidgin "badonk" sound plays on top of the email notification sound.  If I immediately send another message right after that, silence again.  I have ensured that the Sounds When Converstion Has Focus is checked, Enable Sounds = Always, Play is checked for Message Received, Message Received Begins Conversation, Message Sent, You Talk In Chat, Others Talk In Chat are all checked.  At the bottom of the Sound Events screen, the word (default) is in the box.  If I hit Preview, it plays a sound that is like a dull tone that fades in and out over a couple of seconds.  It doesn't play the "badonk" sound that I am used to.  When I click Browse to look for other sounds, I don't see anything in the folder that comes up.  I'm missing messages fairly often and have not had any luck working with our local IT who setup the laptop.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Whittaker

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