[Pidgin] #11142: AIM/ICQ not logging in as of 2010-01-12

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#11142: AIM/ICQ not logging in as of 2010-01-12
 Reporter:  dburkard  |        Owner:  MarkDoliner
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  Version:  2.6.5     |   Resolution:             
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Comment(by deesto):

 Ah, I should also mention something else regarding the proxy: when I first
 installed Pidgin and set up my AIM account, I left the proxy setting at
 the default "use system settings", which pulled in my proxy.  When I did
 this, I found that my connection was being closed and re-opened almost
 once per minute, which became a bit annoying.  So I tried disabling the
 proxy in my account settings, and I was able to connect fine, and without
 any more random disconnects.  So even though any HTTP requests must be
 routed through the proxy, it appears that AIM protocol packets are not, so
 the proxy need not apply in this case.

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