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#4509: Support XMPP Invisibility
 Reporter:  js                      |        Owner:  deryni
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Comment(by deryni):

 Our reason for disliking Google's shared status stuff has never been
 because we thought it couldn't be done without causing problems for other
 XMPP servers, it has been because we dislike the model it uses. It removes
 one of the main benefits to being able to be logged in from multiple
 locations which is that they can have different statuses. It means the
 status you see in the status selector may or may not be accurate (and
 that's not something that can be fixed when multiple accounts are
 enabled). Etc.

 Do you all actually want shared status support in pidgin or do you just
 want invisibility support? Because despite the way Google has them
 implemented they really are two different things. We have no problem
 support invisibility (though we think it is a stupid feature) it is the
 shared status stuff we have no desire to support.

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