[Pidgin] #17339: On GNOME 3.28, Pidgin 2.12 keeps opening buddy list

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Tue Sep 11 13:12:04 EDT 2018

#17339: On GNOME 3.28, Pidgin 2.12 keeps opening buddy list
 Reporter:  rrt     |      Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
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  Version:  2.12.0  |   Keywords:
 I run Pidgin 2.12 as supplied with Ubuntu 18.04, which uses GNOME 3.28.
 Since upgrading from 16.04 (which had GNOME 3.18), every half hour or so
 Pidgin opens the buddy list, which I normally keep closed (using the
 systray icon, and the GNOME TopIcons extension to display it). This causes
 GNOME to give me a "Window is now ready" message. (The window is opened
 behind other windows.)

 I am guessing nothing has changed in Pidgin, but rather in how GNOME Shell
 interprets e.g. WM hints. I have tried looking at the Pidgin source code
 to work out where the hint or similar might be set, but without success
 (perhaps it's an internal gtk thing?).

 If no-one else has come across this problem, I'd be happy to dig further
 given some pointers about what I might do with a debugger, where I might
 look in the logs, or which bit of the source to look at.

 (In the mean time I've found a GNOME desktop extension to simply suppress
 the "window is ready" messages, which at least gets rid of most of the

 I have looked at my preferences and plugins and can't see any settings
 relating to this.

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