Anybody can help reopen ticket #111 ?

Ambrose LI acli at
Wed Apr 25 08:23:39 EDT 2007

On Wed, Apr 25, 2007 at 11:53:06AM +0800, Abel Cheung wrote:

> Hong Kong people can understand zh_TW translation, and Taiwan
> people can understand zh_HK translation; but they would feel
> not entirely comfortable with it. That's the point.

I think it's great that Abel would be able to provide a zh_HK
translation to account for the difference in the two dialects
(however large or small the difference is). As I mentioned in my
comment, I also had a proper zh_HK adaptation in mind but never
got around to doing it.  But for various reasons, Abel is much
more suitable than I to do this correctly, and having the generic
zh_TW translation properly adapted for zh_HK is certainly superior
to the "good enough for now" solution of copying zh_TW to zh_HK.

(Personally, I think that since we now have a separate zh_HK, for
the sake of fairness, Paladin Liu will need to QA the current
zh_TW file to revert the small number of translations that favour
zh_HK.  I don't believe we have time to do this for now, however;
perhaps in the next release.)

Sorry if I have been too unclear in my comment in the ticket. And
sorry again if I had caused any other trouble.

> Abel


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