Myspace: zap, torch, smooch, hug, slap, goose, high-five,...

Mark Doliner mark at
Mon Oct 1 01:37:56 EDT 2007

On Sun, 30 Sep 2007 22:36:07 +0200, Loptosko wrote
> Just trying to understand what these words mean..
> I assume that's some actions on myspace, all verbs and they are slang
> I was able to find some of them on the net, but I'm still not sure if
> I understand it correctly

I've seen two other people ask about these, so I checked in some comments that
should make their way into the pidgin.pot file.  Hopefully that will help
other translators.  If the words are still unclear, or you have a suggestion
on how to make the description better, please let me know.

to Zap - To strike suddenly and forcefully as if with a projectile or weapon.
 This term often has an electrical connotation, for example, "he was zapped by
electricity when he put a fork in the toaster."

to Whack - To hit or strike someone with a sharp blow

to Torch - Torch means "to set on fire."  Don't worry, this doesn't make a
whole lot of sense in English, either.  Feel free to translate it literally.

to Smooch - To kiss someone, often enthusiastically

to Goose - To pinch someone on their butt

to High-five - When two people's hands slap each other in the air above their
heads.  It is done to celebrate something, often a victory, or to congratulate

to Punk -  We're not entirely sure what the MySpace people mean by this... but
we think it's the equivalent of "prank."  Or, for someone to perform a
mischievous trick or practical joke.

to Raspberry - A slang term for the vibrating sound made when you stick your
tongue out of your mouth with your lips closed and blow.  It is typically done
when gloating or bragging.  Nowadays it's a pretty silly gesture, so it does
not carry a harsh negative connotation.  It is generally used in a playful
tone with friends.


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