Is anyone working on Khmer translation?

F Wolff friedel at
Mon Oct 1 05:28:44 EDT 2007

Op Maandag 2007-10-01 skryf Mark Doliner:
> On Mon, 1 Oct 2007 15:17:43 +1000, Soputtra San wrote
> > Yes, I did visit that page. I have a few more questions. Do I have 
> > to finish all the translation before I could upload the .po file, or 
> > I could also submit the partially translated one?
> You don't have to finish the translation before you can upload the po,
> however, uploading it frequently causes a little more work for us.  Users only
> get the new translation when there is a new release of Pidgin, so you don't
> gain very much by uploading early.
> We generally make an announcement on this mailing list a few days before we
> release a new version.  During those days we hope that translators will update
> their .po file to account for any new strings, and submit the new file to us
> using trac:
> > Also, how can I test the translation file? I don't know where to put 
> > the .po file.
> I think you need to convert the .po file to a .mo file, and then install it to
> $PREFIX/share/$LANG/LC_MESSAGES/  I don't know how to do that off
> the top of my head, but I think I might look it up.  If I figure it out before
> someone else responds I'll let you know.
> -Mark

You can use msgfmt from the gettext package.

msgfmt -cv km.po -o

Note whether it reports any errors and keep on fixing them until it
doesn't complain anymore.

Then copy to the directory Mark mentioned which on my system
would be

If you are working on Windows, things are much harder, but since you are
doing Khmer, I assume you are not using Windows.

When you rerun the program, it should automatically use the translation,
as long as your system is set to Khmer.

Keep well

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