Myspace: zap, torch, smooch, hug, slap, goose, high-five,...

Samuel Murray leuce at
Mon Oct 1 03:43:48 EDT 2007

Mark Doliner wrote:

> to Punk -  We're not entirely sure what the MySpace people mean by this... but
> we think it's the equivalent of "prank."  Or, for someone to perform a
> mischievous trick or practical joke.

This is the problem with all these words.  Different places have 
different slang, so you can't even expect all users of MySpace to attach 
the same meaning to the words.  For example, most replies said "goose" 
means to pinch the butt, but over here where I live, goose is a common 
slang word for kissing.

Therefore I don't think any proposed meanings should be attached to 
these words.


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