msgid "Call in progress."

Mark Doliner mark at
Sun Oct 30 22:32:43 EDT 2011

That string appears in three places:
- In the status bar at the bottom of an active voice or video chat
- In the IM window with a buddy who you have just started a voice or
video chat with
- Somewhere in Finch.  I think in the IM window.

For the status bar I'm in favor of removing the period because I think
it doesn't contribute anything, and it looks cleaner without it.  I
removed it from im.pidgin.pidgin.  I don't think we should change this
in the 2.x.y branch because it isn't a critical bug.

I don't have a preference on changing the strings that appear in the
IM window.  I left it as-is for now because there are many other
strings with periods that get written to IM windows as system
messages.  Some of them are complete sentences and some of them are
not.  As a native English speaker I don't think the period looks
grossly out of place here... and I feel like it might look more
consistent for all system messages to have periods, even if they're


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